Animal Dental Clinic: Stacey Negbert

Stacey Neubert

Practice Manager

Stacey is Animal Dental Clinic’s practice manager, but that doesn’t begin to describe everything she does! In addition to handling the day-to-day administrative tasks of managing the clinic, Stacey is also our main customer service representative, trains our technical staff, and helps out whenever else is needed. Stacey began working with Dr. Steven Holmstrom, Animal Dental Clinic’s founder in 1994. When Animal Dental Clinic opened in 2000, she was the first employee, and she has been a cornerstone of the clinic ever since.

Outside of work, Stacey is likely to be found tending her garden at home (a hobby that also benefits her colleagues at Animal Dental Clinic!) and spending time with her husband and son. While she remains open to expanding her 4-legged family, her human family currently shares their home with a senior Bengal cat and a sweet Squirrel Terrier.