Animal Dental Clinic: Intro

Maxillofacial Reconstruction

The primary goals of jaw-sparing and jaw reconstruction are to achieve normal occlusion, a return to normal oral function, and the prevention of chronic pain associated with malocclusion…

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Animal Dental Clinic: oral-diagnostics-home

Oral Diagnostics

Because animals prefer to conceal their oral problems, establishing an accurate oral diagnosis can be challenging, unless a systematic approach is followed…

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15. Skull: Oral Forces

Oral Health

When approaching the subject of oral disease in animals, there are a few concepts and terms that are helpful to understand…

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Animal Dental Clinic: farcas-client-probing

General Dentistry

While there isn’t a formal definition of “general veterinary dentistry,” when most people hear this term, they think “teeth cleaning.”

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Animal Dental Clinic: Preventative Consultation

Periodontal Disease

The word periodontal means “around the tooth.” The periodontal tissues are the gingiva, the periodontal ligament, cementum, and the alveolar…

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Animal Dental Clinic: exploring-the-oronasal-fistula-caused-by-malocclusion


The relationship between the teeth of the maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw) can be characterized as either normal occlusion or malocclusion…

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Animal Dental Clinic: Emma

Oral Tumors

Because animals conceal their oral pain and dysfunction, oral tumors often develop and progress for prolonged periods of time before they ar…

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Animal Dental Clinic: contusion

Endodontic Disease

The endodontic tissues (dentin, and pulp) make up the structure of the tooth and form the tooth’s crown and root. These are separate from th…

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Emergency and Urgent Care

Often we think of pet emergencies as dramatic situations where some trauma has happened, bleeding must be stopped, pain is severe, and act…

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Animal Dental Clinic: kayo-amy-cristine-cavalier-induction


When animals are suffering from oral or dental problems, examination of the mouth can provide valuable information. Even in cooperative aim…

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